Jay Fant was born in Jacksonville. From an early age, Jay learned the merits of hard work and free enterprise in his family’s hometown community bank.  He experienced first-hand how small businesses can make a big impact on communities.

Jay graduated from Washington & Lee University and University of Florida Law School. He brought his legal experience back to the corporate world, returning to the family business and navigating the increasingly complex government regulations which were straining local enterprise.

Once Barack Obama took office, Jay decided he could not sit ringside and watch bloated government and bureaucracy crush small business after small business. Jay joined Governor Rick Scott and a new a generation of political outsiders running for office to bring business-minded reforms to the great state of Florida. After a hard-fought election, Jay joined the Florida House of Representatives in 2014.

As a member of the Florida House, Jay has voted to cut billions of dollars in taxes, protected 2nd Amendment rights and ended countless government regulations. In 2018, Jay is leading the fight in the Florida House to preserve the religious liberty and free speech of private business owners and is co-sponsoring legislation to permanently ban Sanctuary Cities in Florida.

Now, Jay is running for Attorney General.  With the election of President Trump, we need more officials in state government who will help defend conservative values and work with his administration to end illegal immigration and protect families. As Attorney General, Jay will be Florida’s conservative champion.

Jay lives in Jacksonville with his wife Lauren and their four children. They worship at St. John’s Church.