Is there too much government in your life? Most people tell me that there is.

Whether it is the IRS coming after our wallets, or small businesses being over-regulated, or simply being told what to do or say. People don’t like it.

As a lawyer who has spent his career in business I have seen this up close. When the federal government bailed out big banks with your hard earned money during the Great Recession I was working in our family run community bank. I watched how the big boys who caused the mess got away with it while the little guys were left holding the bag, making it worse than had the federal government done nothing. Bad government policy killed that little company.

And I became determined. I became determined never to let that happen to anyone else. So I ran for the Legislature and have spent my time there fighting big government, defending Constitutional rights, and protecting free enterprise.

My zeal for protecting people and their property has not abated.

I’m running for Attorney General so I can play a bigger role in protecting the citizens of Florida.

As your Attorney General I will:

1. Defend your Constitutional rights.
2. Root out political corruption and corporate scams.
3. Support and strengthen law enforcement.
4. Fight misguided court rulings and agencies that overstep their bounds.

With your help, Florida can be the beacon of freedom and prosperity for this country and even the world to see.

Please join me.